YA Rima

Ya Rima Show
The Highest Rated Program of its kind of history. More than 1755 episodes of Ya Rima. Transforming Radio and reaching millions of lebanese all over the world.

YA RIMA is a radio show that gives its listeners the opportunity to communicate with other listeners worldwide. It is place where one can express him/herself and speak his/her mind on any idea or topic that interests him/her. Rima Njeim uses her voice to empower the people and support causes. She spreads awareness and motivates her listeners to care and offer a helping hand. She also keeps her listeners up to date with all the current events, whether they are social, political, international or local since she feels it is important to be aware of everything happening around you.

Rima gravitated the radio shows trend via her show. She transformed her show from an entertaining show to a social spiritual show. It is now a group therapy show gathering all the lebanese with all their disparities. More than 5265 hours on air, Spreading love, faith, knowledge, spiritual path, wisdom and inner peace through a magical voice and an exceptional feeling.
Listeners gravitated to the show since its beginning (early 2000′s). Introducing the terms energy, positive vibes, faith to the listeners. Teaching them how to face, challenge, overcome and succeed in life. What Makes the show on of its kind is the Loyalty of the listeners.The show helped more than 10 000 social case, offered more than 1000 job vacancies and helped in more than 100 000 inquiries.